Street Handball Mexico

Street Handball International is pleased to announce that we have made a cooperation agreement

with Street Handball Mexico who do a lot for increasing handball in Mexico.

We wish them the best of luck to implement Street Handball in Mexico.

Hello my name is Emmanuel Luna Quijano, I am 31 years old and I am from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Currently I work as an Engineer in the automotive industry.
Why you chose to be part of SHI?
I choose to be part of SHI because I love Handball and I feel that it is a very good way to share all the experience and foment this beautiful sport in my country.
What is the best with Street Handball fair play rules?
Is the best way to introduce all the people no matter the adge to the Handball experience, in my country the handball is not much popular, but with SHI and the fair play rules We will show to all the people how to play.
Why are you volunteer in SH?
Because with my work I will introduce this sport just for fun to the other people.
How can volunteering with street handball change your area?
To increase the players.
We are working to introduce the SH with kids for elementary school. I think than We will start in August.

Contact here:

Street Handball Project Manager and Fair Play Coach
Emmanuel Luna ??‍♂️

Street Handball Mexico

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