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Become a Project Manager

  • Are you coaching a handball team and would be interested in becoming a Street Handball Project Manager as a volunteer for the International Street Handball Federation.
  • This includes partnering with your association / club / school in starting Street Handball events or training sessions. To begin with, events from your local area and later on you would not scare away from developing it and become a project manager for your entire country.
  • Please feel free to send us your CV and tell us why you are the one we should choose.

We will share your news. You may send us any information on your upcoming Street Handball Events, or your SH pictures/videos/news 🤹‍♂️ All videos/pictures and articles provided at Street Handball International's web pages have been approved by the owner.

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Street Handball Rules

Play and have fun (girls and boys) maybe with a DJ. Street Handball can be played everywhere.

(Click the flag to see the street handball rules in your language.)


Rules introduction

See the video – Click play button.

Street Handball can everybody play (children/youth/seniors) and should play under fair-play rules.
Play fair with no physical contact.
3 steps with the ball in hand./No dribbling.
Played against 2 goal frames with two goal area zones.
These rules are only rough guidelines; it is your call to decide how Street Handball is played in your neighbourhood.
Enjoy the positive team spirit.

Meet our project managers

PM’s are instrumental to bringing Street Handball into a local community or a country. Click our partners in the section below and learn more.

Hiroyuki Watanabe, Japan

Dawda Bah, Gambia

Soren Guldberg Kjer, Denmark

Our Partners With Cooperation Agreement




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