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Quote from a street handball event in Denmark,

“We were counting goals up to around 3 and it seemed that the Instructor and later the players forgot to keep track of the score, but the match continued, and the kids enjoyed it and had fun. Finally, prizes were awarded by way of a draw.”

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Street Handball Rules

Street Handball can everybody play (children/youth/seniors) and should play under fair-play rules.
Play street handball and have fun (girls and boys) maybe with a DJ.
Play fair with no physical contact.
3 steps with the ball in hand./No dribbling.
Played against 2 goal frames with two goal area zones.
Street Handball can be played everywhere.
These rules are only rough guidelines; it is your call to decide how Street Handball is played in your neighbourhood.
Enjoy the positive team spirit.

If you want new updated street handball rules read the english and danish in short and extended description but other rules are still ok.

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Projects Managers and Fair Play Coaches

(Some of them)

Emmanuel Luna Quijano, Mexico

Mansour Akbarabadi, Iran

Hiroyuki Watanabe, Japan

Dawda Bah, Gambia

Soren Guldberg Kjer, Denmark

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