Street Handball Gambia

Street Handball International is pleased to announce that we have made a cooperation agreement with

Street Handball Gambia who do a lot for increasing handball in Gambia.

We wish them the best of luck to implement Street Handball in Gambia.

Contact Gambia Street Handball Federation here:

My full name is Dawda Bah age, 30 years old currently living in The Gambia. I live in the southern part of the country just an hour drive to the city Banjul where I completed my secondary education.

I am a degree holder in Mass Communication from The Gambia Press Union School of Journalism. From this institution, I made my way to Gambia’s premier private radio station, West Coast Radio where I was trained on sports reporting and presenting and specialized in handball.

I have also worked for Eyeafrica tv and The Voice Newspaper as a sports reporter and editor.

In 2016, I got appointment from The Gambia Handball Association where I served as the mouthpiece (Press Officer) of the association and settled The Gambia at both home and international arena.

This was the moment I learned about Street Handball and get to know about our able International director Soren Guldberg Kjer.

*Why you chose to be part of street handball international?

My intention is very clear that is to be part of a global movement, exhibit my potential and contribute my quarter towards the co and objective of the foundation.

The best with Street Handball fair play rule is that:

It is simple, athletes don’t fight and at the end of the day both sides is a winner. The rules also warn players about physical challenge and no dribbling.

Why are you volunteer in SH?

To help it’s aims and objectives in promoting outdoor handball for the benefit of alll.

How can volunteering with street handball change in your area?

It bring unity among people involved ame give them life time experience.

One of my best hosted Street Handball event was in Batokunku the host village of the Street Handball Gambia lunching which attracted the whole youths in village and its satellite environ.

Street Handball Gambia Project Launched in Batokunku Village, Banjul

Video click twice the play button. ;D

My next Street Handball event shall be held at Schools, community centers and even at the Sandy beaches.

Contact here:

Dawda Bah

Street Handball Project Manager Gambia

or here

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