Street Handball at school, description, rules and materials to download

Street Handball at school

Awesome game to play during breaks/physical education classes.

The whole idea of street handball is that students learn how to control the game completely by themselves. With or without interruptions from the sports teacher / supervisor.

A game that can be played by everyone across sexes, ages, and in line with fair-play rules.

Street Handball at school
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Activity of the month at Gameboosters.

We are very happy and proud that in March 2019 we were elected as the month’s activity at the Danish School Sports (Dansk Skoleidræt).

In connection with their GameBooster concept – published in their news mail, with Street Handball against 2 goals.

(This concept is a younger family member of Play Patrol (Legepatruljen). The Gameboosters are lower secondary pupils (7. – 9. grade) assigned to keep 4. – 6-grade pupils active during school breaks.)

Danish School Sports (Dansk Skoleidræt) aim to promote health, learning and well-being through sports, play and movement for all pupils in Danish schools.

See the month activity at Gameboosters (In Danish) at Danish School Sports (Dansk Skoleidræt) website – Click the picture.

Street Handball at school

Street Handball at school
Watch video click the play button.

Street Handball at school is played against 2 goals with two goal areas.

Play fair with no physical contact and no dribbling. Max 3(4) steps. This makes the game very special, as these rules will allow the game to flow.

  • The goalkeeper will participate in the attack in order for the attacking team to be in the majority. (This enables more shots at the goals and will prevent many one-on-one encounters.) – After an attack, the team must return home and touch the line of the goal area before they can defend.
  • Before attempting a throw at the goal, it can be chosen that all players on the attacking team must have touched the ball. (This way all players will feel they are part of the match and the team.) It also slows down the game and prevents many one-on-one encounters, e.g. in connection with a counter attack.).
  • In case of more players/substitute players, they will enter when the person who has a shot at goal runs out and is substituted by the player on the sideline who has been out of play the longest time. In a kind of rotation system, they line up on the sideline. The person substituting either takes the goal or stands in defense. Hence, the number of substitution players may be many, all a matter of their patience.

Download materials for use at your school here

Street handball at school

Street Handball at school
Street Handball Rules with 2 goal frames field pitch Street Handball International