Street Handball Denmark

Street Handball International is please to announce that we search for volunteers there will take part of Street Handball Denmark.

Street Handball Denmark
I’m Soren Guldberg Kjer, 40 years old. Living in Denmark, grew up in a small town, Bramming, with only 6000 people. I’m educated carpenter and is daily working as a janitor at a public school.
I have been on several sports schools.
I’m passionated with team sports, and especially Street Handball. I have played handball since the age of 8 and played and been coaching handball around 20 years.
Outdoor sports has always been in my interest, I have always loved to play football anywhere as a kid with my friends and do gymnastics when ever I feeled like it, outdoor, in the school in the garden etc., but handball was only a thing we were able to play indoor in Denmark, the ball was only for indoor use, it made me come up with Street Handball International (SHI) in 2006.
So I started Street Handball with no physical contact with a foam ball.
It was in my mind to show beginners in handball that street handball should be fun and a fair game and include everybody in all levels.
My next event. Should have been on the 1 May at a culture event in Bramming. But hopefully when the virus is over I will have some club and public school events. All I do is volunteering for SHI.
Keep up the Street Handball Fair Play Spirit!
Kind Regards Soren

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Soren Guldberg Kjer

Street Handball Project Manager Denmark


Founder of Street Handball

Soren Guldberg Kjer C.V.

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My handball club – Bramming IF Håndbold.
Street Handball was founded 2006 to a "Street Sport for Europe" seminar Germany - Video part 2/2

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