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Street Handball Nepal

Street Handball International is pleased to announce that we have made a cooperation agreement

with Street Handball Nepal who do a lot for increasing handball in Nepal.

We wish them the best of luck to implement Street Handball in Nepal.

Street Handball Nepal
I am Birat Man Bajracharya, I am 58 years old, I’m from Kathmandu, Nepal.
I choose to be part of SHI. I Love Handball.
– What is the best with Street Handball fair play rules?
SH no physical contact with a Foam ball. It was in my mind to show beginners in Handball that SH should be fun and fair game
– How can volunteering with street handball change your area?
I have lot of coaches.I am passion about Handball.
We have loot of School. We hosted 4 vs 4 Streethandball training after luck down.
We will start after Covid -19.Situation gets better.
I’ll held my first Streethandball event/training my school.

Contact here:

Street Handball Project Manager and Fair Play Coach


Street Handball Nepal

Nepal Street Handball Federation

Biratman Bajracharya


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