Street Handball Rwanda

Street Handball International is pleased to announce that we have made a cooperation agreement with

Street Handball Rwanda who do a lot for increasing handball in Rwanda.

We wish them the best of luck to implement Street Handball in Rwanda.

Contact Rwanda Street Handball Federation here:

I am Anaclet BAGIRISHYA, I am 37 Years Old, I am from Rwanda, East Africa 
a Handball Coach for the U20 National Team with Diploma in Sports Coaching, Specialiation Handball from the University of Leipzig, Germany

– Why you chose to be part of SHI?

I chose to be part of SHI, because, I found that SHI is built on fair play values that can govern sports personnel in their daily sports activities.

Looking on how, some children are struggling to get access to sports in rural areas, I found that SHI model and project can be one of the best to help chilredn to get access to sports, especial Street Handball played in the neigbourhood with local materials.

– What is the best with Street Handball fair play rules?

The best of Street Handball Fair Play rules, is that these rules are easily applicable and can help in teacher street handball to all categories in a fun and educational way.

– How can volunteering with street handball change your area?

Volunteering with Street Handball will change th my area by increasing the number of people who are involved in sports activities and give access to all people on physical activities through the practice of Street Handball.

– And maybe tell about one of your hosted street handball events/training? or your next SH event/training?

Since 2018, I started introducing Street Handball Activities in Kigali City, at Kimisagara Youth Center, where a big number of children would come to attend the centers activities. Since that time up March 2020, we were have a school Holiday Street Handball Event and compete for awards.

I also started street handball activities in the eastern part of the country at GS MWENDO, in the southern at ES KIGOMA and in the northern at ES ST JOSEPH KARUGANDA.

In the near future, we plan to organize an even where all school teams will be taking part out of Kigali City.

– How can you help Street Handball International to increase street handball in your local area and get new players?:

Hopefully I will organize the National Street Handball training’s in high schools and local clubs and I will establish a structure on how our Street Handball Competition will be taking place. A part from that, I will work in close collaboration with Kigali City to introduce Street Handball Activities in Car Free Day events where all Kigali Citizens gather twice a month for mass sports activities.

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Street Handball Project Manager Rwanda

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