Street Handball Asia
Street Handball Tv Proudly Presents A new horizon in Iranian handball with the development of street handball, we hosted street handball festivals on the occasion of sports week in iran. The 1st event from Esfarayen City. 2nd Bojnourd City. 3rd Street Handball Iran Festival, Hormozgan province, Bandarabbas city. 4th Street Handball, Damghan City in Semnan...
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Street Handball Iran hosted their first Street Handball FestivalWatch this video on YouTubeWatch video above click the play button. ;D We are happy 😍 and proud 💪 to show you Street Handball Iran 🇮🇷 hosted the first street handball festival. The week before the festival we celebrate the new SH banner 😍 with holding the...
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We are proud and happy to show you The Iranian Street Handball Federation organizes. The first street handball coaching course in Iran, Monday, 22 June 2020, Martyrs Sports Complex, 5th of Mordad. Here you seeing the nice Street Handball Fair Play Coach diploma. Here the course participants got a great in insight into how street...
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