Street Handball ZIKOMO Project

Street Handball International is pleased to announce that we have made a cooperation agreement with Street Handball ZIKOMO project who do a lot for increasing handball from Japan and world wide especially Africa.

We wish them the best of luck to implement Street Handball world wide.

  • Who you are? How old you are? Where you from?
Seiji Tashiro, founder of Zikomo Project in Zambia 
I’m 51 years old.
I’m from Japan but living in the African continent over 10 years.
  • Why you chose to be part of SHI?

Street Handball is a perfect sport for young kids to enjoy playing and easy to start wherever you are.

The concept that fair play, no body contact, inclusivity and enjoyment are the most significant part of the sport in 21 century.
  • What is the best with Street Handball fair play rules?
All players should involve in their game which is the most part of fair play rules. 
  • How can volunteering with street handball change your area/project?
Introduce the Street Handball in Zambia and Malawi will be a motivation for children who are living with vulnerable environment. 
It is also an opportunity to show children how fun sports can be.
  • And maybe tell about one of your hosted street handball events/training? or your next SH event.

Zikomo Project will be financing the Chikondi for the regular pop up event and introducing events within 2024 as well as large scale of annual event.


Thank you for accepting us affiliation with SHI! Zikomo Project will work for introducing the Street Handball in Africa!


Tashiro Seiji 

Project Manager, Fair Play Coach and SH Scout.

Contact Street Handball ZIKOMO project here:

Check out for more on their website