Street Handball Nepal
Street Handball with NIC Academy School and Best’s Montessori Elementary School, Kathmandu, Nepal

Video click twice the play button. ;D

The children played and had a lot of fun. See the amazing video above with street handball on the mini sport field in the nice weather at NIC Academy with 700 students from grades 3 to 8 playing street handball. Similarly, Best’s Montessori Elementary School had 150 students from grades 1 to 10 enthusiastically participating in street handball.

The unique field setup at Best’s Montessori Elementary Shool featured a goal at one end and a theatre stage with two chairs as the goal at the other end, demonstrating the versatility of street handball. ;) The event highlighted that you can play street handball anywhere, embracing creativity and adaptability. The day was filled with joy, teamwork, and healthy competition, as children from both schools engaged in this exciting sport.

Thanks to all students and their schools:

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