ZIKOMO Project joins SHI after successful event with Street Handball Zambia

Activivity Report:


Street Handball is an interesting game which can be played by everyone across gender and age. In line with fair play rules, the game has few rules which have been kept simple during the game. Introduced in 2020, Street Handball in Zambia has been implemented and reaching out to over 150 children from Chipata and Marapodi compounds in Lusaka which is targeting children ages between 3 to 14 years old.

Street handball Event Overview

This report gives an insight of the street handball event that took place at Olympafrica (Yamato Field) in Lusaka supported by Zikomo Project.

The event was conducted on October 18th, 2023, from 10:30am to 12:00pm. 20 children aged between 4 years to 14 years took part in the event which was officiated by the founders of the Zikomo Project Mr. Seiji Tashiro, the Street Handball Zambia Project Manager and Fair Play Coach Nathan Mwitwa Shiluwe, and CEO of Chikondi sports Youth Arise foundation (CSYAF) Mr. Joseph Daka.

General Overview

It took us a bit of some time to get started with our programs of the day, as participates didn’t come on time. Few minutes upon arrival at the venue, participants were organized and together with the coaches, they prepared the field of play in readiness of the game. There was a brief meeting with all the players. The purpose of the meeting was to tell the players the rules of the game and put them in their respective teams. Before the games could started, the participants did the warm-up together and when we started, the games went on smoothly.

A total number of 20 children took part in the Street Handball event, out of which 2 were girls and 18 boys.

Some children were participating in the Street Handball event for the first time, and it was interesting to see how they easily adapted and were able to play just like anyone else. The children had fun during the game and were able to learn new skills, they demonstrated fair play and respect for each other during the games, children gained more knowledge about the importance of teamwork, and they were able to demonstrate it during the game. 

The kids were given softies and biscuits during the break which was an energizer as they enjoy the games.

Prior to the street handball event, the three parties discussed and decided to cooperate with each other while complying with the concept of the International Street Handball Federation, with the aim of promoting street handball in Zambia and inviting children to develop human resources through their involvement in the sport.

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Chikondi sports Youth Arise foundation – CSYAF – Zambia


Street Handball Zambia

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