Welcome to Street Handball – A simple Concept.

In 2006 I participated with DGI>> in a seminar called “Street Sport for Europe”

in Brandenburg, Germany and this was my first encounter with Street Handball on a Street Court.

It was a lot of fun to watch the participants who never had played handball before.

They were crazy about the game because there is no physical contact

and the ball is soft and easy to catch.

Street Handball was founded 2006 to a "Street Sport for Europe" seminar Germany - Video part 2/2

Video click twice the play button. ;D

(See the first video click the play button above.)

In 2007 Street Handball (streethandball.com) was established. It was my mission then and still

is to let people with interest in handball see for themselves how cool and fun it is to play

outdoor handball and show to others that it’s ok.

Since the beginning I have collected videos/photos of early outdoor handball in the cities.

As Street Handball has become more popular more Street Handball concepts have been

implemented with fair play rules and no physical contact.


The mission of my project is to encourage and invite everybody to play Street Handball. It can

be played anywhere outdoors – for example on street pitches, multi pitches etc. with a goal in both ends.

Street Handball International prefers Street Handball using 2 goals makes it more fun and

it might even improve your overall fitness and let the new handball players see how much fun

the real game is, with Fair Play rules: No physical contact or dribbling is allowed.

(One might wonder why football has become so widespread? We Do not think it’s about to play for 1 goal)

Your tool is any kind of handball/softball or homemade ball etc.

Street Handball is played towards 2 goals with a semi-circular or straight lines goal area in front each goal.

(You can use either goals made of wood or you can simply draw the goals on a wall.)

Remember: You decide the size of the court and how to play. 

See Street Handball rules in your language here>>


If you like this page, please help spreading the news about handball and let other people get

involved in volunteer work because our society will improve when children and teenagers are

active in their free time.

I hope I’ll get more updates and news about Street Handball over time.

All the videos/pictures used on this website have been approved by the owner.

You can contribute by sending/adding information here and you will be able to help new

teams/clubs finding each other.


Founder of Street Handball, Since 2006

Søren Guldberg Kjær, Bramming, Denmark

International Street Handball Federation

We take outdoor handball seriously!

Contact here>> 

www.facebook.com/sgkjer -- linkedin.com/in/sgkjer

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