Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido
2022 Street Handball Summer Festival

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2022 Street Handball Summer Festival Report

Schedule: July 24, 2022

Venue: Nanae Akamatsu Park 5-122-1 Onakayama, Nanae-cho, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido 041-1121

Time: 8:30-15:00 (Competition time: 10:00-14:00)

Number of participants: 33 adults, 44 children, a total of 77 people

Number of teams: 5 adult teams, 9 child teams

Gallery: 58 people Total number of event participants: 13

Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido

Purpose: Healthy upbringing and exchange of children and popularization of street hands

Through street handball, the children’s mental and physical growth and improvement are encouraged,

and the participating children are encouraged to interact with each other, making it a place where

they can interact with more people. In doing so, we hope that not only children but also more people

such as parents who participate will know the fun of street handball, which will lead to the

expansion of the playing population and the next tournament.

Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido

Sponsorship Comprehensive Ushio Sports Club

Co-organizer: Street Handball Hokkaido Branch, Kamiiso Rera Monkeys HC

Manager: Nanae Let Pines Sports Boy Scouts

Cooperation: Trust Co., Lovely Dog, Daikyo Equipment Co., Ltd., Body Shop HKC, Oya Stone Co., Ltd., Kameya Seisei Co., Ltd., Gateau Phrase, Shimate Somen Sales Co., Ltd., HYPEDEX

Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido

Opening ceremony

Mr. Shodai Fujimoto, Executive Director of Aomori Handball Association, Mr. Kazuo Shioya,

Chairman of Kanagawa Handball Association, Mr. Tatsuya Nakagawa, Director of Komatsu City

Deportare Handball Club, Ishikawa Prefecture, and staff participated in the inspection of this tournament.

state of the match

Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido

Nanae Let Pines Seafood Bowl Team

Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido
Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido

Elementary school student Nanae Nanae Red Pines Ponkers

Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido
Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido
Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido

Elementary school students Nanae Red Pines vs. Hakodate Brave

Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido

Overall review

Thank you very much for being able to do this kind of initiative in the corona misfortune.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who made an effort to hold the event for the first time in 2017 and to be able to hold it again this year at Nanae Akamatsu Park.

At this summer festival (hereinafter referred to as the festival), Mr. Shiotani, chairman of the Kanagawa Handball Association, from far away from Kanagawa, Mr. Fujimoto, executive director of the Aomori Handball Association from Aomori, and Nakagawa, the representative director of Deportare Handball Club from Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Mr. participated in the inspection and games. thank you very much.

Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido

(Pictures: General Hakodate Lit vs. Kamiiso Rera Monkeys)

Street handball activities are carried out with the goal of being held outdoors. I would like to introduce everyone’s impressions of the inspection. Everyone who came to the venue was surprised to see up close how the tents and tarps were set up skillfully.

In Honshu, it is difficult to find a venue with such an environment, and I heard that each family does not have tents and other equipment, so it is difficult to hold a similar event in other areas. I would like to once again express my gratitude to everyone involved, including the existence of Akamatsu Park.

Street Handball Summer Festival Japan Hokkaido

(Pictures: General Ushiobee vs Hokuseiseki)

In July of this year, with the number of coronavirus infections increasing steadily, we would like to thank all the athletes who participated on the day and their families for seriously working on infection control. As a result, the number of corona outbreaks in the competition was 0 (zero).

On the day of the event, it was held outdoors, so it was up to the contestants to decide whether or not to wear a mask. The gallery asked us to wear a mask as much as possible.

For this tournament, we took out insurance for participants and related parties and worked on safety measures. I have asked you many times to make sure you are always hydrated to prevent heatstroke. As a result, there were no reports of accident injuries. In addition, we donate toilet paper (12 rolls) to the management organization considering the use of the toilet by related parties.

(Pictures: General Hakodate Lit vs. Nanae Red Pines Otokogumi Otoko)

If we eat separately, we will make mistakes in garbage disposal, so we all had lunch together and cleaned up the garbage together.

“Everyone cooperated on the way back, and the end time was as planned.” I think it was a fun festival, working on safety measures until the very end. It was supported by the initiative of everyone in the Nanae area and activities to confirm safety and prevent danger. We will work hard to hold the event at Nanae Akamatsu Park again next year.

that’s all

Street Handball Japan Representative Director Hiroyuki Watanabe

Street Handball Hokkaido Branch Manager Tomohiro Naya

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Street Handball Japan
Street Handball Summer Festival Japan, Hokkaido
Group photo of athletes and officials

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