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Friday 20th December 2019 10:00AM to 12:00 midday Street Handball Gambia was at Fandema Women Cultural Festival 2019 for handball exhibition as part of the many activities the festival introduced this year.

Held at Fandema dubbed Mbolo Association’s institute sited on the right just at the entrance of Tujereng Village, the games attracted ??over 50 children (students) from more than 8 nationalities including The Gambia.

Students of this institution including their teachers were given first hand information on #street handball and handball in particular, fun???? and lessons to share with their parents and peers upon returning home.

Prior to the commencement of the games, we had assembly and photo sessions were Street Handball Gambia Project Manager Mr. Dawda Bah gave a speech of compliments to #Street Handball International Federation for the donation of the sports and traffic materials. We are saying thank you Soren Guldberg Kjer and all your partners.

Meanwhile, here are some TESTIMONIES from the participants :

– We had some exercise
– We had some fitness
It was fun
Now we know how to throw the ball
– We gained a life time experience
And we are looking for more

Many thanks to

Sílvia llopart Gracia and Malang Sambou, Fandema / Mbolo Association for the host and all volunteers who made the event a success.

and sports materials used in the event for street handball from ?

Yellow T-shirts from:
Bramming IF Håndbold –

Balls for street handball from:
? Knudsen77 = “Knudsen77 Street Handball” ball from Michael V. Knudsen

? Ji sport DK = “Midas Fairtrade Street Handball Twist 47”

? Sport og Leg = “Eaglehawk Street Handball”

Goals from: QuickPlay “The QuickPlay Handball Junior Goal 2.4m x 1.7m”

#Street Handball International
#Street Handball Gambia
#We take outdoor handball seriously

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