Street Handball Gambia had visit from Denmark and hosted 4 events at Village Tujereng, Warriors Handball Club, Fandema School, “Pop Up Event” Serekunda and meeting with Gambia Handball Association

Street Handball Gambia Soren founder of SH visited Gambia

We are happy 🤩 to tell you that we have met Project Manager Dawda Bah of Street Handball Gambia for first time after Soren from Street Handball International has arrived The Gambia 🇬🇲 on his journey.

The big man is in town!
Street Handball Gambia and its esteemed followers and supporters welcome Soren Goldberg Kjer, founder and global president Street Handball International!
We were so eager to welcome you in The Gambia. Your present will no doubt contribute greatly to the continuous growth of our movement and the realization of our goals.
We are delighted to welcome you once again, and we hope you will beautifully stay and work with us.
Enjoy the unbelievable smilies from the citizens and residents of this land 🇬🇲 .
Street Handball Gambia Fandema School

Video click twice the play button. ;D

Street Handball Gambia event at Fandema School

We met and talked with Malang Sambou, Co-founder and Chairman of Mbolo Association/Fandema based at Tujereng village, Kombo South District, West Coast Region, The Gambia.

Here we hosted a lesson of Street Handball matches for fun with the fair play rules on their playground and boys and  girls students were really happy to run around and play.

We hope they will in future have physical education lessons with Street Handball ;D 

The children really like it. And it was easy to see they have tried it before with Dawda Bah as coach.

  • Watch the nice video above

Do not hesitate to contact us or Dawda Bah here>> if you want to support Street Handball Gambia and Fandema School with handball equipment and especially handball goals.


Fandema / Mbolo Association Fandema works with women aged 18 to 65, especially those who have never been to school or left school early and want to improve their quality of life.

Training is offered in basic, occupational and transversal education in order to help in the economic development of the community.

Occupational training creates jobs and produces materials to contribute to the self-sustainability of the project.

They also have an international school for children call ‘Fandema International Nursery and Primary School’ (FINPS). More than 8 nationalities sent their children to Fandema. They have both national and international sponsors. They are running projects in the six regions of the country. 

Fandema School is based at Tujereng Village, Kombo South District, West Coast Region, The Gambia. “Fandema” is a Mandinka borrowed word. It means help yourself.

“Mbolo” means join or Come together and “Fandema” means Help yourself. 

Malang Sambou a Gambian and Silvio llopart Gracia, a Spanish (couple) are the co-founders of the project.

Street Handball Event at Tujereng, Kombo South District, West Coast Region, The Gambia.

Street Handball International founder Soren Goldberg Kjer visited Street Handball Gambia project manager Dawda Bah at his home village Tujereng. Soren was first welcomed at Dawda’s home where he was introduced to the family and had a coffee break.  

Later in the afternoon, Dawda and Soren hosted street handball games at Batokunku and played with kids near the community main mosque.

Sixty (60) girls and boys attended the evening sessions, and for some, this was their first experience of the game and they really enjoyed playing it.

“We are super proud of these kids. They did very well and learnt a lot.

Well done to Dawda Bah, Ousainou Ngum and Alpha Touray for the job well done”, said Soren Guldberg Kjer, Street Handball International founder.

You can help Street Handball Gambia to increase 🇬🇲
Do not hesitate to contact Dawda Bah here>> if you want to support Street Handball Gambia.
We hope 🙏 for sponsors to send more “SH Start Kits” 🤾‍♂️ to them:
With balls 🏐 training bibs 🎽and maybe portable junior goals 🥅 etc.
Do you or your area/club play street handball?
With the fair play rules:
  • No physical contact.
  • No dribling.
  • Max 3 steps.
  • Against 2 goals.
To all events we have handball Equipments from:
  • High cones and flat cones + QuickPlay Junior goal from visionsport dk + Goals was also from QUICKPLAY
Balls in use from:
  • Eaglehawk Street Handball fra Benny Sportogleg dk + Trainingbibs
  • Midas Street Handball fra Ji sport – Din idrætsleverandør
  • Knudsen77 Street Handball fra KNUDSEN77
  • Molten Street Handball fra visionsport dk Molten Danmark
  • T-shirts from Skjern Bank
  • Print from SPORTMASTERSportmaster – Bramming

Warriors, the most decorated handball club in the country hosted Street Handball Gambia for an evening full of fun.

We were invited by the Warriors Handball Club, one of the highly decorated clubs in The Gambia to host Street Handball games for fun. Due to the preparation of the national U-17 female squad on their own ground, we decided to play on the concrete outside Bakau Stadium.

It was some awesome hours where children also took part together with the senior teams from Warriors HC. They all did it very well and Warriors HC players got handball t-shirts donated from Bramming IF Handball, which is Soren’s childhood club in Denmark. 

Do not hesitate to contact us or Dawda Bah here>> if you want to support Street Handball Gambia and Warriors Handball Club.

Street Handball Gambia “Pop up event” on a Football Ground in Serekunda

We hosted a “Pop up event” at Bijilo primary school playing ground. The afternoon game was able to attract neighboring children who turned out in their numbers to play. 

They all have never tried handball before. They did it awesome with a big smile on their faces. They made a tactic schedule in the sand with fingers. When finished they all got a water bottle for participating.

Do not hesitate to contact us or Dawda Bah here>> if you want to support Street Handball Gambia and “Pop up events”

Street Handball Gambia visited Gambia Handball Association

Lamin King Colley president Gambia Handball Association and his entourage had the pleasure of welcoming Soren Goldberg Kjer Street Handball International founder and Dawda Bah project manager Street Handball Gambia at his office, Mobile Traffic Headquarters Kanifing on Friday 17 February 2023.
Soren was paying a courtesy call to GHA whilst on an official visit in The Gambia 🇬🇲.
During the meeting, the street handball architect Soren stressed the importance of his visit and intention to work with The Gambia Handball Association on outdoor handball development in the country.
GHA boss Lamin King Colley and the body secretary general Hafizou Jallow accepts the gesture with open arms and assured of taking the game seriously.
Ebrima Jeffang, second vice-president and Foday Bojang assistant secretary general, also expressed similar sentiment.
Street Handball Gambia and Gambia Handball Association concluded the meeting with an agreement to join forces in promoting outdoor games in The Gambia 🇬🇲.
Stay alert for our next update on Soren’s official state 🇬🇲 visit!
Do not hesitate to contact us or Dawda Bah here>> if you want to support Street Handball Gambia and Gambia Handball Association.

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