Street Handball 15th Anniversary with Fair Play

Video click twice the play button. ;D

Wow 😍 15 years anniversary today 🥳 Absolutely awesome 😎

– On that occasion we have edited a fantastic video for the day 🤾🏻‍♂️ with our partner countries and from other countries we have edited video for. 

Hope you will like 🤩 our “Anniversary video” 🚀

Thanks to all participants 🙏

Our Street Handball partner countries featured in the video:

(You can search for them on fb)

– Street Handball Japan

– Street Handball Iran

– Street Handball Gambia

– Street Handball Zambia

– Street Handball Pakistan

– Street Handball India

– Street Handball Mexico

– Street Handball American Samoa

– Street Handball Nepal

– Street Handball Denmark

Events from other countries:

– Greece

– Tunisia

– Basque Country

– South Africa

– Brazil

– Philippines

– Italy

– Singapore

See full length videos on our website 👨‍💻.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have ideas or photos / videos you want to share with us. So we can run even stronger and score many more goals with fair play.

You may know a friend, school, association or company that might be interested in joining our project or becoming a partner.

Then we would also love to hear from you 🤗

Street Handball International prefers Street Handball using 2 goals which makes it more fun and it might even improve your overall fitness and let the new handball players see how much fun the real game is, with Fair Play rules. (One might wonder whether football would have become so widespread if played towards just one goal!) 

Kind Regards with Fair Play Soren

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Music from Pinkzebra:

– Chasing the Sunshine

– Everybody

– Larger Than Life

– Walk Through Life

– The Defining Moment

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