Street Handball was founded 2006 to a "Street Sport for Europe" seminar Germany - Video part 2/2

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The first street handball video ever is from the Seminar

“Street Sport for Europe”

in Brandenburg, Germany 18.03.2006

this day was street handball founded by

Soren Guldberg Kjer, Denmark

in the Training Centre Blossin.

In 2006, I went to Germany and attended a seminar on “Street Sport for Europe”. I was there together with DGI. (the Danish Federation of Gymnastics and Sports Associations). This gave me the opportunity to play Street Handball with the participants in the courses. We were using a foamball on a street pitch towards 2 goals. No physical contact allowed in this game, which proves effective in adding flow to the game and safe game. On October 2007, Street Handball ( was established.

Thanks to


and Brandenburgische Sportjugend>> for it could be possible.

The video shows how to use a street court for Street Handball.

It’s very quick and easy to gather.

4 persons 15 minutes and the court is ready for street handball.

The video was Added to youtube:

September 29, 2007


added again 11/5 -2008

New Updated 4/11 2018 is the video above.

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