Street Handball Ukraine – вуличного гандболу Україна

Street Handball International is pleased to announce that we have made a cooperation agreement with

Street Handball Ukraine who do a lot for increasing handball in Ukraine.

We wish them the best of luck to implement Street Handball in Ukraine.

Contact here:

Khimiak Andrii

Street Handball Project Manager Ukraine and Fair Play Coach

Check out for more on their facebook page and please help to give the team a like here

Street Handball rules in Ukrainian

Правила вуличного гандболу

My name is Khimiak Andrii.

I’m from Uzhhorod but now live near Lviv, Ukraine 🇺🇦 

I’m Physical education teacher in school. 

I studied Physical education in Lviv State University of Physical Culture 

  • Player experience:

Was playing just in University team in Lviv 

  • Coaching experience: 

HC Karpaty Ukraine 
Coach, goalkeeper coach 
Women and men teams, Superliga 

Kisvardai KC Hungary 
Goalkeeper coach 
Women teams
U16, U19, NB2, NB1 

  • Why did you choose to be part of SHI?:

There were handball traditions in Lviv, but over the past 10 years, handball has almost completely disappeared from schools. Teachers stopped introducing students to this sport. Although Lviv currently has two women’s and one men’s teams that play in the highest divisions of our championship. I consider it my mission to introduce our teachers to street handball, because I consider it the best option for playing during and after lessons 

  • How can you help Street Handball International to increase street handball in your local area and get new players?: 

Has already started a training course for street handball teachers and coaches in Lviv and the region 
Held 2 street handball tournaments for boys  who born in 2012-2011 and 2010-2009 

  • Can you coach a 1 hour training in street handball once a month in summer time in your area where you live for your local children?: 

Already doing it in Lviv region, Dobrotvir 

Else I’m playing street handball in few Lviv schools already, where before that held a training lesson for children and teachers:
Vilni school 
Lyceum “Oriyana”
Lyceum “Puluya”
School #72
School #90
School #95
School #44
Lviv academic gymnasium 
School #1 Dobrotvir 
And other in region 

  • When and where will you host your first training session or street handball event?: 

May 6th 2022 – We held a street handball training seminar for physical education teachers of the Sykhiv district of Lviv 🤾 together…. – See more facbook post here>>

  • Are you ready to use the Street Handball fair play rules?: (Play fair with no physical contact. No dribbling. Max. 3(4) steps. 4 vs. 4 players less or more. Goalkeeper takes part in the attack. Played against 2 goals. With two goal areas zones.)  

Yes, and thats easy rules to play 

  • What is the best with Street Handball fair play rules?
     – No dribbling 
  • Other things you want to say? 

Street Handball is a great activity for children and, as practice shows, for adults. Although all coaches are initially skeptical of the concept itself, after the demonstration they realize that it is the most optimal form of learning the game for schoolchildren. I hope that one day we will be able to present a team of schoolchildren from Ukraine to participate in the international Street Handball tournament and get to know you personally!