Street Handball Ukraine part of Street Handball International

Street Handball International is pleased to announce that Street Handball Ukraine is part of us now and Khimiak Andrii has signed the cooperation agreement.

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Street Handball Project Manager of SHI


  Street Handball Ukraine will work for increasing handball in Ukraine.

We wish them the best of luck to implement Street Handball in Ukraine.

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Street Handball Ukraine have already hosted several of events.

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The championship of the Lviv MTG in street handball 🤾 among physical education teachers took place on the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine 🇺🇦, held by the Center for Professional Development of Pedagogical Workers of the city of Lviv together with the Lviv Regional Handball Federation 🤾!
Places were distributed as follows:
🥇 Halytskyi district 🤾
🥈 Frankivskyi district🤾
🥉 Sykhiv district 🤾

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Lviv schools for children who were forced to leave their home, but today they did not have time to be sad because they actively participated in playing street handball and floorball

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They held a handball training seminar for physical education teachers of the Sykhiv district of Lviv 🤾 together…

Street Handball Ukraine part of Street Handball International

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Other Street Handball Events Indoor

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