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A new kind of sport is emerging in Bramming. Bramming Sport Organization (Bramming IF) has already started a Street handball team – Outdoor handball played on the street or on another surface – and the sport was presented to a large crowd at Culture night june 1st. (News, pictures and video from the 1st june will soon come.)

Culture night

Bramming: There are no set team jerseys. There isn’t necessarily an umpire. Physical contact is not allowed and the ball is soft. It doesn’t move when landing on the surface you are playing on.

It doesn’t sound like a sport for healthy boys and girls, but think again. Every monday afternoon at 5 ish a bunch of boys and girls meet at the multicourt in front of the youth club at the end of Idræts Allé. Here they train Street handball under the guidance of committed coach Søren Guldberg Kjær. For more than 10 years he has been a fan of all sports played on the street. He tells the story.

  • I was in Copenhagen helping a friend and DGI with a Street football tournament, when I was asked if I could attend a “street sport for Europe” seminar in Berlin. There I tried Street handball for the first time with the other seminar goers. That was in 2006. Then in 2007 I started my Street handball concept to show that it’s ok to take handball outside.


He adds that Street handball differs from regular handball in the fact that fairplay rules are used.

  • It’s played on a street court with no body contact. Players can reach for the ball, but it has to be free when you grab it. We play with a soft foam ball. He adds that Street handball can also be played on grass, multi purpose courts or even in the school yard.
  • It’s played by both sexes in the same game. There is no violent body contact. It’s an excellent way to introduce new players to the world of handball.

Street handball was played in front of Sportmaster in Pederstræde on Culture night. Every one could participate.

Newspaper article and photo from Martin Wilde 

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