Street Handball Denmark Indoor
Fun Friday Event with Street Handball, Bramming, Denmark

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Fun Friday is an activity evening for children in Bramming Sports and Culture Center. With a lot of different sports activities, this time with 300 participants. Here Street Handball Denmark was represented together with Bramming IF – Handball and with a lot of other organisation and sports as swimming, gymnastics, fitness, football, shooting, badminton, climbing, dance and disco.

We play street handball without counting goals, so no losers.

It’s all about having fun.

With two short breaks in 3 hours, because we play with fluent substitution.

The person who throwing at the goal run out and swap with a substitution player. So sometimes we were up to 6 substitution players sitting on the bench from each team because there come more and more new players. 

Fun Friday Event with Street Handball and a lot of different sports in Bramming, Denmark

We play Mix girls, boys and ages with no physical contact. 

Played against 2 goals with fun, music and fair play rules ?‍♀️

Rules / arbitrations are settled through dialogue among the players.

They really play on their own (Just like when they playing in the school yard.) and have a lot of fun with few interruptions from match instructor. Because of the no physical contact rules.

Goalkeeper participate in the attack, so the attacking team will be in majority.

The rules are only for inspiration; it is up to you to determine how to play Street Handball.

Fun Friday Event with Street Handball in Bramming, Denmark

Here we used for the first time the ball “#Knudsen77streethandball” ??‍♂️ from  Knudsen77.

knudsen77 handball

Michael V. Knudsen (former National Danish Handball Player with 244 national matches.

Buy and see the `Knudsen77 Street Handball´ here –>>

Thanks to the organisers ?‍♂️

?‍♂️ Fun Fredag Bramming #funfredagbramming

?‍♀️ Bramming IF Håndbold  #BIFHåndbold

?‍♂️  Street Handball Denmark

?‍♀️ Sport Event Park Esbjerg / Bramming

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