Street Handball balls midas eaglehawk mikasa hummel select molten

Street Handball International recommend

The QuickPlay Handball Junior Goal 2.4m x 1.7m

0 Quickplay Handball Junior Goal 240cm x 170cm Street Handball Goal

is the ultra-portable junior Street Handball goal.

Buy it here>>

We recommend also Street Handball balls from around the world.

Street Handball balls midas eaglehawk mikasa hummel select molten

We prefer size 0 or 47

(the size 00 and 42 is bit to small and difficult to handle in most cases)

Let us know if your street handball ball/brand miss.

Every ball is filled with synthetic wool and need no air inflation.

Street Handball balls names, pictures, links and firms:


Eaglehawk Super Soft Bold 470

Eaglehawk Super Soft Ball 470 Street Handball ball


Eaglehawk Danish brand #eaglehawk #sportoglegdk –



Midas Fairtrade Street Twist 47

Midas Fairtrade Street Twist 42 Street Handball ball

#MidasFairtradeStreetTwist47 #midasstreethandball

Midas Danish brand #midas #jisport –



Mikasa HB0

Mikasa HB0 Street Handball ball

#MikasaHB0 #MikasaStreetHandballHB0

(Mikasa Japanese Brand #mikasa



hummel street play

hummel street play Street Handball ball

#hummelstreetplay #HMLSTREET

Hummel Danish Brand #hummelsport



Select Street Handball

5 Select Street Handball ball


Select Danish Brand #select


Molten H00X 1300 – YR (Only in small size 00)

6 Molten H00X 1300 - YR Street Handball ball

#molten1300 #MoltenH00X1300-YR

Molten Japanese Brand – #molten #moltenbolden www.molten.co.jp/sports/en/handball/product/handball/detail/h00x1300-yr.html

All balls are made in Pakistan

We can’t understand why they not call them by the name Street Handball every ball.

Street Handball balls midas eaglehawk mikasa hummel select molten

#midas #eaglehawk #mikasa #hummel #select #molten

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