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We visited Degnevej, Esbjerg last summer 🤾🏻‍♂️with Street Handball fair play rules on grass and asphalt (multi-court) Our best video until now :)

Here children could choose different sports twice days a week during the children’s summer holiday the host was Aktivfritid and DGI Sydvest. The money to host the “Sommersjov” (Summerfun) event come from the government to host ekstra social events for children because of the covid-19.

One day of the event we were lucky to show what Street Handball was made of.

Video see below ;D 

How to play Street Handball - Summer Fun event Esbjerg, Denmark

Video click twice the play button. ;D

We played with the Fair Play rules: No physical contact and no dribbling, and we were mixed in gender and age so we had to play together as a team. See more rules here>>

A lot of people had never tried to play handball before, they were cool and did it really well 😎

Credits to:

All the players

Activity Guides: Felix and Rasmus

Aktiv Fritid ved Esbjerg Kommune

DGI Sydvest

Video cameraman and photographer: Esben Guldbjerg Nielsen

– for sponsored asphalt tape for goal area zones.

Balls for street handball from and

Flat cones and portable junior goals from /

Music : Roa – Freedom

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