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337 Street Handball Elsa-Brandström Schule Ratingen

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The Satch Streethandballtour started in March 2014. In the first year street handball was played on the small field to over thirty schools. It is very easy to learn, cause it is played with only a few rules. So anyone can get started immediately on the court. It was a lot of fun, the kids but the teachers, too, had a lot of good games. The fun is the most important but also the contact with the sport of handball.

At this year, the Satch Streethandballtour repeats the succesful tour fom 2014. A lot of school asked to come again and at the same time, there are a lot of new places with a lot of new experiences.

337 Cover Streethandballtour 2015 » 17.06.2015 Grundschule Weier0Streethandballtour 2015 » 17.06.2015 Grundschule Weier01

Streethandballtour 2014 » 09.05.2014 Städtische Realschule Heiligenhaus

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