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Flatcone VisionSport

street handball falcon
436 2022 Street Handball to Town Fair Bramming 1 Street Håndbold
Product NameFlatcones

Flacones and Storage Ring from VisionSport

Perfect for Street Handball use too mark the goal area zones.

Flat and heavy marking pieces in non-slip material.

Supplied in sets of 24 flat cones with 4 different colours.

We recommend white flatcones.

Buy it here Europe-Denmark:

(Contact Street Handball International we can help with 20% Promotion code to you write –

Yes please Promotion code to visionsport – in a email to

Pitch dimensions: You decide pitch size yourselves, we recommend 10(13) meters wide x 20 meters long.

– 2 goal areas at opposite ends, preferable dotted lines forming a crescent or a straight line.

(4 meters from goal line to line in front of goal and 3 meters from the post to the side line.)


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