Eaglehawk Street Handball 42, 47

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Product nameEaglehawk Street Handball 42, 47 

Eaglehawk Street Handball 42, 47 

Sport and Leg will be pleased to send to most of the europe countries.
If you want a discount please send an email to info@streethandball.com about how many balls you want and we will send on to SportogLeg.dk
– Eaglehawk is a Danish brand by Sport og Leg
– The ball is hand-stitched
– Durable handball for games on all surface types
– Extremely soft and squeezable (The ball is filled with synthetic wool and need no air inflation)
– Doesn´t hurt to catch, and even the smallest hand can throw it, which means everyone can take part
– The ball cannot be dribbled, so it´s important to pass it on frequently and play as team – it will let the game “flow” and it will avoid too many interruptions of the match.
– Circumference: 42 cm, 47 cm.
– With Street Handball www.streethandball.com logo

Size 42 (For U6 players and down)

Size 47 (Street Handball International recommend size 47 in most cases)

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