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Street Handball Rules

The game everybody can play (children/youth/seniors) and should play under fair-play rules.
Play handball and have fun (girls and boys) maybe with a DJ.
Play fair with no physical contact.
Max. 3 steps with the ball in hand./No dribbling.
Street Handball can be played everywhere.
These rules are only rough guidelines; it is your call to decide how SH is played in your neighbourhood.
Enjoy the positive team spirit.

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Street Handball Japan, https://www.facebook.com/ushiostreethandball/

Street Handball International was founded in 2007. Since then, the organization has been working for the worldwide development of street handball, and provides, for example expertise or rules in many languages. Street Handball can be played anywhere – on any size of pitch or any surface or with one or two goals. The new SHV-game format “Mini-Street Handball” was inspired by the idea originating from Street Handball International. Information on Street Handball International projects can be found at www.streethandball.com.

Swiss Handball Federation, http://www.handball.ch/de/hf/MiniP/kinderhandball.htm