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Congratulation to the winner, Street Handball Event Byron and Athinaikos Handball Club, Greece of 8 street handball balls

Street Handball

The news send from Vasileia Makroglou and hosted by Athinaikos Handball and Αθηναϊκός Ακαδημίες Handball in Greece.

Congratulations ;)

Thanks to all participants.

Kind Regards Street Handball International.

See video and read text from the great event scroll down.

It was called “Game for Children”  and was organized by the Historical “Athinaikos Handball Club” and Be Active Hellas, on 1st of October in front of Byron’s municipality.

In the big Event,  took part many Primary School students of Byron, Athens. The street was seperated in 4 different  Street Handball courts considering students’ ages.

A month of uninterrupted work and planning for the “1st STREET HANDBALL – BEACTIVE HELLAS” Event and the result was more than satisfying ! 290 children with their families, more than 40 people in the organization team, lots of gifts, games – activities and moments full of music and Street Handball.

Athinaikos Handball Academy was also participating in all age categories, showing that Handball it's not only in the Court, but everywhere in the ordinary-school life of a child!
The event was honored by the Hellenic Handball Federation, the Municipality of Byron, representatives of be Active, journalists and the  Hellenic Media.

Denda Anna of the BOCCIA sport, was also honored as a Greek Paralympic athlete of Rio 2016.

The concerted work and love for Handball by the old and the new players of ‘Athinaikos H.C.’ and & ‘Nea Elvetia H.C.’,  brought the Sport back to Byron!


Pictures from

Manolis Salouros and Vasileia Makroglou

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