Street Handball Rules

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Street Handball Rules 2017

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How to play Street Handball.

The game everybody can play (children/youth/seniors) and should play under fair-play rules.

  • Play fair with no physical contact. (No tackles, only blocking shots, ball can only be grasped from opponent when it is “free” (in the air or on the ground)
  • Max. 3 steps with the ball in hand./No dribbling.
  • 3 players + 1 goalkeeper (e.g. 1vs1, 2vs2, etc. depending on size of playing field: Up to a maximum of 7vs7)
  • Each judgement is made through dialogue between players (with or without a referee involved)


SH court:

  • Play towards 2 goals with a semi-circular or straight lines goal area of 4 or 6 meters in front of each goal (depending on players’ age (children or adults). Court size is up to you to decide (e.g. 10×15). It will depend on the street/market place/city square/ schoolyard/car park/closed street project or street pitch available or your outdoor/indoor handball court.
  • Street Handball can be played everywhere.

 Street Handball rules and court 2016

You choose:

  • Scoring system (Or play without calculating; the point of the game is to have fun).1 point = standard goals.2 points = ball played around your back and between the legs, 6m penalty shot, scoreby goalkeeper, goal is scored with a spectacular action e.g. in-flight/pirouette(at referees’ discretion), a female player scored (with mixed teams).
  • Duration: 1×10 or 2×10 mins. Depending on number of teams.
  • Each team has to have 3 passes within the team before shooting towards goal.
  • No permanent positions. Everybody can be goalkeeper. Keeper joins attacks.
  • Outnumbering the defending team provides for more shots on goal.
  • Street Handball is about FLOW; let the game “flow”, avoid interruptions (e.g. you may ignore a player touching the line of the goal area, 4 steps, etc.”
  • Any balls/handballs/soft handballs/specific balls for Street Handball can be used.
  • Fair Play Diploma/Trophy to the best player/team.
  • Play handball and have fun (girls and boys) maybe with a DJ.


These rules are only rough guidelines; it is your call to decide how SH is played in your neighbourhood. Enjoy the team spirit.

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(If someone can help to translate the rules into Arabic, or other languages there is missing, I will be pleased to hear from you.) 

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