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Tips&Tricks News:
19/08/2012 - 295
Macedonia: Dejan Kutanoski Goalkeeper Training. Tips&Tricks.

20/07/2012 - 293
Slovenia: Hrpelje - Street Handball One Goal with children from Handball Club RD Jadran. Winner of Best Tips&Tricks video.

06/07/2012 - 291
First video from Colombia: Bogota - Handball defense Tips & Tricks with USTA Universidad Santo Tomas.

16/05/2012 - 285
Sweden: Karlskrona - Hästö IF - How to build a street handball goal with Adam Östbergh - Tips&Tricks.

04/05/2012 - 283
Morocco: Chichaoua - Ibna Al Arabi School - Technical Training - Tips&Tricks.

18/09/2011 - 255
Serbia: Dolovo, Belgrade - Aksentije Maksimovic 
- School Republic Championship - Great Handball Goal Tips&Tricks

26/08/2011 - 252
Brasil: Campo Grande - Escola Rui Barbosa - Tips and Tricks.

03/12/2010 - 228
Israel: You Know Why - Winner of The Best Tips&Tricks / Introvideo. See these cool girls making tricks in the streets.

Reunion: French Reunion Island - Club Saint Joseph - Vincendo School 16Boys.

Germany: Handball in Fuerteventura - Canary Islands - Spain.171



Latest news:

Germany: Handball in Fuerteventura

171 - 14/10/2009

Team: Peter & Jannik

Country: Germany

City: Fuerteventura

Area: Canary Islands, Spain

Video from: Peter Breuer



Tips & Tricks

Photo: Street Handball

Reunion: French Reunion Island - Club Saint Joseph - Vincendo School

 21/05/2010 - 212

Team: Handball Club Saint Joseph

Pierre LEBON, Marc SMITH et Simon HOARAU.

Club/school: Vincendo School

City/area: French Reunion island

Training: -16boys (gabi74X)

Video Producer: Gabriel HOARAU


03/12/2010 - 227

City/area: Herzliya / Israel

Produced By:    Liat Avni

                          Tamar Yerushalmi

Film & Edith By: Maya Ben Nisan

Music: Dreadneck

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כדוריד נשים כפי שלא ראיתם מעולם...

מבט אחד על משחק וכדרור יתפסו אותך לתמיד. זהו, התמכרת למשחק.

כל אחד ואחת ידבקו בחיידק הכדוריד ואנחנו כאן כדי להפיץ את המשחק.

צפו לכך שנגיע לעוד ערים כדי לשתף את כולם באהבת חיינו...תהנו

translate google:

Women's handball world as you've never seen ...

One look at the game dribbling catch you forever. This is, addiction to the game.

Every one stick bug handball and we are here to spread the game.

Observed that we get more cities to share everyone's love life ... Enjoy

Israel: You Know Why

The Best Tips&Tricks Introvideo Winner

Club: Escola Rui Barbosa

City/area: Campo Grande - MS

Tournament: Escolares

Video made by:


Brasil: Campo Grande - Escola Rui Barbosa -

Tips & Tricks

26/08/2011 - 252

Serbia: Dolovo, Belgrade - Aksentije Maksimovic

- School Republic Championship - Tips&Tricks

Club: School Handball Club "Aksentije Maksimovic" Dolovo (elementary school).

City: Dolovo (near to Belgrade), Serbia.

Tournament: School Republic Championship (final tournament).

Producer: MrDule86... :) = Dusan Ilic.


Link: (Dure Ferrero)

18/09/2011 - 255

School: Ibna Al Arabi

City : Chichaoua

Country: Morocco

Video from:

Morocco: Chichaoua - Ibna Al Arabi School - Technical Training

04/05/2012 - 283

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Club: Hästö IF

City: Karlskrona, Sweden

Name: AD99DE ( Adam Östbergh )



Sweden: Karlskrona - Hästö IF - How to build a

street handball goal with Adam Östbergh - Tips&Tricks

16/05/2012 - 285

Colombia: Bogota - Handball defense Tips&Tricks with USTA Universidad Santo Tomas

School: USTA Universidad Santo Tomas

City/area: Bogota D.C. Colombia

Video from: Jose Luis Valbuena


Link: Facebook>>

First video from Colombia>>

06/07/2012 - 291

Dejan Ceranic is from Slovenia. He is a former handball player. Now he work in a school in Hrpelje as a gym teacher (He gratuated at the Faculty of sport science University of Ljubljana-Slovenia). He also work as a trainer in a local handball club RD JADRAN 2009 Hrpelje - Kozina (former RK Gold Club).

Some time ago he discovered street handball and he imediately introduced the game to his children and they loved it. He decided to promote the game by filming this video clip. He is the video producer, and the children in the clip are his pupils and members of club RD Jadran-age 10 years old.

Club/School: RD Jadran 2009 / Hrpelje

City/area: Hrpelje / Slovenia

Tournament: Street Handball 1 Goal

Video made by: Dejan Čeranič


Slovenia: Hrpelje - Street Handball 1 Goal

with children from Club RD Jadran

20/07/2012 - 293

Goalkeeper: Dejan Kutanoski

Country: Republic of Macedonia, Struga



Macedonia: Dejan Kutanoski Goalkeeper Training - Tips&Tricks

19/08/2012 - 295

First video from Macedonia>>
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