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19/12/2014 - 329
New video from Schweiz: A successful premiere on the first Mini Street Handball Tournament was held in Basel. About 400 children and 52 teams were practicing in the new, simplified form of play. 

31/10/2014 - 328
Romania: Baia Mare - Kids Street Handball Centru Vechi - Festivalul Handbalului Juvenil 27-29 June 2014 

14/10/2014 - 327
South Africa: Cape Town - Help Play Handball ZA and be part of Street up your Handball and help them empower kids to do sports. Together with balls, goals, music and YOU they hope to bring some positive action to the streets of Cape Town.

New Logo Street Handball International.

01/10/2014 - 326
Street Handball International celebrate 7 years birthday with a nice video from Algeria: Rouina - Street Handball Challenge Mini.

Send your video / pictures 
to info@streethandball.com  and share it with other handball friends.

All videos provided at this webpages have been approved by the owner.

01/07/2014 - 325
Spain: 30 teams to “Street Handball 5x5” with  Balonmano Castellón. Pictures/Text from www.vivecastellon.com

20/04/2014 - 324
Street Handball Challenge - The organisation team Chevron Handball Club and *SCAPE. They received overwhelming responses 14 teams for this tournament.

01/10/2013 - Street Handball celebrate 6 years birthday with full version video from the Street Handball Event Conversano Italy.

14/09/2013 - 323
Italy: Street Handball Event Conversano - New Intro Video - 1 DJ - 12 teams - 2 goals - 1 winner and Fair Play - Intro video ready.

23/06/2013 - 322
Greece: 1st Street Handball Event in Kamatero - Big success more than 300 school children played Street Handball.

24/05/2013 - 321 
New intro video winner from Spain: 130 children to Street Handball in Vilanova  with Canal Blau.

20/05/2013 - 320
Scotland: Motherwell Heat Handball Team - Street Handball Warming Up.

Send your video / pictures 
to info@streethandball.com  and share it with other handball friends.

All videos provided at this webpages have been approved by the owner.

20/05/2013 - 319
Dominican Republic: Salcedo - Balonmano Copa Marzo - Video producer Pily Liriano.

03/05/2013 - 318
Spain: Santander - Club Deportivo Cisneros - Torneo La Maruca, organizado por el Ayuntamiento de Camargo, Cantabria, España
Participan más de 1.000 jugadores de categoría benjamín, con edades de 7, 8, 9 y 10 años. Proceden de equipos de varias regiones españolas. El torneo se celebra al aire libre durante un día completo.

12/04/2013 - 317
Chile: Arica - Universidad de Tarapaca´s Girls Handball Team

31/03/2013 - 316
Italy: The handball tournament “Citta´ DI FAENZA” - Will take place on 18 and 19 May 2013 in Faenza (RA) Italy, in the beautiful square Faenza. Will your team participate? Registration form here.

29/03/2013 - 315
India: Jalandhar 
- Annual Handball Championship Dosanjh 16-18 feb 2013 - 
Held by Baba Sang Sports Club

08/03/2013 - 314
Congo: Pointe Noire - Handball Team Banco Sport

22/02/2013 - 313
Argentina: Córdoba - University Handball Championship 2012 organized for Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

Send your video / pictures 
to streethandball@gmail.com and share it with other handball friends.

All videos provided at this webpages have been approved by the owner.

15/02/2013 - 312
Spain: Gasteiz - Galdakao School - Torneo De Balonmano Hierba (Gasteiz), Grass Handball Tournament.

01/02/2013 - 311
USA: United States Military Academy - West Point Department of Physical Education - Playing team handball.

18/01/2013 - 310
Argentina: Caseros, Buenos Aires - Handball training video on a school "De mano en mano" por la señal de tv TyC Sports.

11/01/2013 - 309
Spain: The Community of Madrid and Athletico Madrid Handball promote handball through youth card to 430,000 users. From 14 to 30 years can enjoy great discounts to join the team.

10.000 FANS - THANK YOU - www.facebook.com/streethandballtv 

04/01/2013 - 308
Africa: IHF Olympic Solidarity Development Programme In Sierra Leone  - They started from zero, and now they are eager to develop a nationwide handball programme. Read more here>>

29/12/2012 - 307
New intro video winner - Promotion video for the World Handball Championship Spain from 11-27 January - 
Domingo de Balonmano en Palencia con Rafa Guijosa

22/12/2012 - 306
Singapore University Handball Games 2012 - 
Singapore Management Uni. vs Singapore Institute of Management.

28/11/2012 - 305
New intro video winner from Norway: DNB Frederikstad Cup - The largest handball tournament in Norway. 2012 with over 530 teams registered.

9000 likes Street Handball facebook page. We celebrate it with this happy music video with handball girls´ from Sports Club Agosto, Luanda, Angola. Enjoy it>> 

16/11/2012 - 304
First video from Angola: Luanda, 35º Aniversário do Clube Desportivo 1º de Agosto - Inauguration of a new handball court and happy music video, with handball womens from Club Agosto.

01/11/2012 - 303
Netherland: Wevershoof - Handball Vereniging 
“Vooruitgang Vergt Wilskracht” Tournament Heren A1 NHV - NHN Poule 2e Class AB

28/10/2012 - 302
Argentina: Handball at Colegio Don Bosco - Mar del Plata by Handball TV

15/10/2012 - 301
Winner of best cup/projects video - France: Thionville Moselle Handball Club - Tournaments of Metz. 

28/09/2012 - 300
5 years birthday today with Street Handball 
and I celebrate it with news number 300 - 
there is about Street Handball Concepts See more here>>

28/09/2012 - 299
Bangladesh: Gopalganj - Bangla Cup 21-23 February.

21/09/2012 - 298
Macedonia: Struga - 40th International Handball Tournament one of the oldest senior handball tournaments under open sky every summer middle of August.

14/09/2012 - 297
New video from Malaysia: Selangor - School/Handball Team - SK Pandan Jaya.

31/08/2012 - 296
Spain: Balonmano Calasanz Valencia - Concentración Marni-Torneo Ambola Alevín. Second video is from the School “El Pilar”

19/08/2012 - 295
Macedonia: Dejan Kutanoski Goalkeeper Training. Tips&Tricks.

26/07/2012 - 294
Greece: Kastoria - West Macedonia - Street Handball with all schools from Kastoria City with 200 children - Kastoria Academy

Send your video / pictures 
to streethandball@gmail.com and share it with other handball friends.

All videos provided at this webpages have been approved by the owner.

20/07/2012 - 293
Slovenia: Hrpelje - Street Handball One Goal with children from Handball Club RD Jadran. Winner of Best Tips&Tricks video.

14/07/2012 - 292 
Philippines: Tacloban City, Visayas Region - Street Handball with Visayas Handball Team. Winner of the best street tournament.

06/07/2012 - 291
First video from Colombia: Bogota - Handball defense Tips & Tricks with USTA Universidad Santo Tomas.

22/06/2012 - 290
China: Hong Kong, Kwai Ching District, 
Shek Lei Catholic Secondary School - Inter school competition.

15/06/2012 - 289
Spain: Cadiz - Colegio Andalucia “older students” Balonmano with Producciones Pishanegra S.L.

08/06/2012 - 288 
First video from Saudi Arabia: Saihat First Elementary School - Handball League 1432

01/06/2012 - 287
Holland: Rotterdam - 70-years anniversary with HARO-Snelwiek Handball Club.

Did you know?
All videos provided at this webpages have been approved by the owner.




Handball Tournament

Did you know?
- All videos provided at this webpages have been approved by the owner.

Streetlife right now! 
Team spirit.
Fair Play

June 30 - July 5, 2014

England - Chester
Deva Handball Festival
12-13 July


EUROFEST - Slovenia
1-6 July 2014

Interamnia World Cup
Italy - Teramo


Bosnia and Herzegovina
Medjugorje Cup 

6 August
See Pictures here -

Join S.H. here>>


Latest news:

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See pictures here


Dronninglund Cup is Denmark’s largest, international handball tournament for youth teams, taking place in the period July 2014.

Thousands of young handball players from all over the world here have the chance of meeting each other in an exciting tournament with lots of sporting challenges as well as several leisure activities.

Registration here>>

All videos provided at this webpages have been approved by the owner.

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5 years birthday today with Street Handball

and I celebrate it with news number 300 -

there is about Street Handball Concepts See more here>>

01/10/2012 - 300

Download english registration form here>>

Link: www.pallamanofaenza.it

Email: handballfaenza@libero.it

See pictures from this year Street Handball Tournament “Città DI Faenza” here>>

31/03/2013 - 316

20/05/2013 - 320

1st Street Handball Event in Kamatero - Big Success

The 1st Street Handball Event, organized by the KIPARISSIS – KAMATERO ATHLETIC CLUB in cooperation with the Cultural Athletic Organisation of the Agii Anargiri – Kamatero Municipality and the Hellenic Handball Federation, took place with great success in the above Municipality.

More than 300 athletes-pupils from the demotic schools of  Kamatero, along with their parents, made up a festive – athletic atmosphere in Philis Avenue. Read more here>>

23/06/2013 - 322

Thanks to:







Pictures/Videos from:

www.locasport.it - facebook.com/LocaSportIT

Handball Club:



Please let me know when your team

will host the next Street Handball



14/09/2013 - 323

Winner team - Peroni Team

See intro video here>>

Full version here>>

Italian version here>>

Intro Video Winner  - 24/05/2013 - 321

Club Handbol Vilanova i la Geltrú

Video from: Canal Blau

Al voltant d'uns 130 nens i nenes es reuneixen en la 2a trobada d' Street Handball de Vilanova. Després d'haver-ho hagut d'ajornar fa un parell de setmanes per la pluja, l'Handbol Vilanova amb la col·laboració d'HiperSimply ha acabat tirant endavant la iniciativa, de bona acollida i que apunta tindrà continuïtat els propers anys.

Spain: 130 children to Street Handball in Vilanova

Chevron Handball Club arranged Street Handball Challenge in conjunction with

a sports event organized by *SCAPE, a non-profit organization.

It is part of their initiation to introduce handball (the street, fun style) to their fraternity! 

They received overwhelming responses for limiting the

participation up to 14 teams for this tournament.

The rules are significantly modified compared to court handball.

Court size 15m x 10m. The court has 2 goals; two teams with

5 outfielders & 1 keeper (clamping, contact, 3 step, dribbles, etc. allowed). 

Or, you can play under Fair Play rules: no physical contact.

No dribbling. Fair Play trophy to the best player.

The winners for the Street Handball tournament are: 

1st Place - A Team 

2nd Place - Everybody 

3rd Place - Ex-men 

They do not have any sponsors on their side as this is an event

organized in conjunction with *SCAPE for their Pump It! Sports Fiesta 2014.

In genuine effort to promote Handball (; 

See video here>>



Singapore: Street Handball Challenge

Chevron Handball Club and *SCAPE

20/04/2014 - 324

01/07/2014 - 325

400 jugadores, pertenecientes a 30 equipos de toda la provincia, han participado en la primera edición del Torneo “Street Handball 5x5” de Castellón que, organizado por el Balonmano Castellón, se ha disputado este sábado 14 de junio, entre las 9 de la mañana y las 2 de la tarde, en el antiguo recinto de ferias y mercados.

Esta iniciativa, que saca el balonmano a la calle, es la primera vez que se realiza en nuestra provincia y en ella han participado equipos masculinos y femeninos desde alevines a seniors de diversos equipos de la provincia y de la Comunidad Valenciana como el Villarreal, Almassora, Onda, Betxí y Puerto de Sagunto, además del anfitrión, el Balonmano Castellón.

Como ha destacado la concejala de Deportes del Ayuntamiento de Castellón, Begoña Carrasco, "se trata de una variedad especial del balonmano, pero jugado en equipos de 5 jugadores, en vez de los 7 que son habituales y que recoge la vistosidad y dinamismo de este deporte".

Por su parte, el presidente del Balonmano Castellón, Rafa Martí, considera que "lo que se ha pretendido con esta iniciativa es sacar el deporte del balonmano a la calle y que conozca la gente cómo se juega”.

El “Street Handball” es una modalidad que se juega en un campo con dimensiones más reducidas, al contar en el campo con menos jugadores.

Tiene un componente más lúdico que el balonmano tradicional y se premia más a los goles realizados de una manera espectacular, como los “flys” o reversos. Prima más el espectáculo que la competición deportiva, propiamente dicha, lo que lo hace muy atractivo para el público.

See more pictures here>>

Club: Balonmano Castellón

City/Country: Castellón, España

Tournament:  I edición del Torneo “Street Handball 5x5” de Castellón

Photographer/Text: Pepe Lorite by - www.vivecastellon.com

Link: www.bmcastellon.com/

Spain: “Street Handball 5x5” with Balonmano Castellón

المهرجان الولائي لمدارس كرة اليد المصغرة بالروينة يوم 02 11 2013 بمشاركة فرق : النجاح العبادية ، السلام العطاف ، آفاق عين الدفلى ، أمل جندل ونادي هلال الروينة

Tournament: Street Handball Challenge Mini organised in Rouina

NOVEMBER 2nd, 2013.

Teams: Ain Defla - El Abadia - El Attaf - Djendel - Rouina.

                Handball players aged 10 - 11 years.

City: Rouina  

State: Ain Defla

Country: Algeria

Video producer name: K.G Rouina infos - contact@Rouina.info

Organised by: Handball Ligue of Ain Defla.

Algeria: Rouina - Street Handball Challenge Mini

01/10/2014 - 326

The tournament will be played June 29 - July 4, 2015

Open for Registration>>

Visit their campaign and give yourself the opportunity to be part their project.

Read more -



South Africa: Cape Town - Help Play Handball ZA

Learn more about STREET UP YOUR HANDBALL here.

14/10/2014 - 327

Romania: Baia Mare - Kids Street Handball Centru Vechi 2014

Teams: Mixed, born 2001 to 2003, eXtrem Baia Mare versus HCM Baia Mare

Clubs: eXtrem Baia Mare and HCM Baia Mare

City / State / Country: Baia Mare / Maramures / Romania

Cup: Festivalul Handbalului Juvenil 27-29 June 2014, Baia Mare, Edition number 11, see more here>>

Video producer: Mr. Leontin Pop - Owner and President of Clubul Sportiv Extrem Baia Mare

Link: www.extremhandbal.ro

Email: extremhandbal@yahoo.com (Mr. Leontin Pop) 

Join us at Juvenil Handball 12th Edition, June 2015!!!

See more photos of Dan Daniel here>>

Romania: Baia Mare -

Kids Street Handball Centru Vechi 2014

31/10/2014 - 328

Schweiz: Basel - Successful Premiere on

Mini Street Handball Tournament

19/12/2014 - 329

The first Mini Street Handball Tournament was held in Basel. About 400 children and 52 teams

were practicing in the new, simplified form of play.

They play with a soft-ball on two small goals and play with goalkeeper area of 2x2 meters. Teams: 4vs4.

Schweizerischer Handball Verband will promote it for children in clubs and schools.

See video and rules here>>

Read more here>>

Email: shv-fsh@handball.ch

Article from: Schweizerischer Handball-Verband